My name is Vanessa. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved writing, creating, learning new things and anything that had to do with art. As I got older I stopped writing and I felt a void that I cannot explain. I have only recently come to the realization that writing is my passion. I love it because it is a form of self expression and also I get to be transparent about my experiences to help other people.

I consider myself an outcast compared to other people my age. I am a very introverted person (hence the name of my blog) but I also have a strong personality so that could be a bit intimidating to people. I am also an old soul so my idea of entertainment differs from the average person. I really enjoy discussing important issues. Not only does discussing important issues help me to learn new things but it also helps others to think about the things that they have accepted as normal.

On this blog you can expect posts about personal development, issues that I deem important and I’ll even share my poetry.