An Unfair Exchange

I trusted you and all you gave me was pain

You took my heart, you took my brain

I never knew you were the type to take advantage

I was fooled and you caused me so much damage

I guess that’s what I get for being so nice

I should have known that it would come with a price

Was the lesson to teach me to never trust a smile?

If so, good job cause’ I won’t trust for a while

All my ‘I love you’s’ meant nothing to you

Admit it you’re happy that we’re through

The good thing is I learned my lesson

Because I’ll NEVER fall for a man like you again

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Vanessa Jeoboam

Hi, I'm Vanessa Jeoboam. I am a very analytical person so I think a lot. I really enjoy discussing deep issues as a means of expressing myself. On this blog you will see how I express myself creatively through poetry and also my stance on issues that need to be talked about. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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